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HFD Hydraulic

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A Hydraulic Valve Manufacturer

HFD Hydraulic, our factory, is a premier hydraulic valve manufacturer in China. Our well-made valves and factory location are only some of the reasons why we are a top hydraulic valve supplier.

Hydraulic Valves
Best Hydraulic Valves Factory Since 2014

Our Mission

Reliable Supplier

To be the leading hydraulic valve manufacturer in China, providing high-quality products and innovative solutions.

HFD Hydraulic Valves

Earthmoving Machinery

Our hydraulic valves for Earthmoving, including excavators, loader trucks, drilling rig machines, and road rollers.

HFD Hydraulic Valves


HFD precise hydraulic valves for lifting machines enabling safe and efficient lifting operations for enhanced safety and productivity.

HFD Hydraulic Valves

Agriculture Machinery

Best hydraulic valves are specifically designed to enhance the performance and functionality of various agricultural machinery.

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What we’re offering

Types of Valves We Serve

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves HFD Hydraulic Valves

Pressure Control Valves

Efficiency Relief Valves, Sequence Valve
Motion Control Valves HFD Hydraulic Valves

Motion Control Valves

Precision Pilot Operated Check Valve, Counterbalance Valves
Flow Control Valves HFD Hydraulic Valves

Flow Control Valves

Reliability Flow Restrictor, low Control Check Valve
Directional Control valves HFD Hydraulic Valves

Directional Control Valves

Safety Diverter Valves
Ball Valves HFD Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Ball Valves

Productivity Multi-Way Ball Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve

Best Hydraulic Valves in China

In Line Relief Valve, Hydraulic Relief Valves, Pressure Relief Valves

We’re commited

Leader in Hydraulic Valves

HFD Hydraulic’s team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs

Best Hydraulic Valves Manfacturer in China 2024!

We Promise Top Quality Valves for Your Machinary!

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